How Often Should Carpet Be Replaced?

December 20, 2019 3 min read

Does your carpet need a glow up? If your home’s carpet is starting to look like a “before” image, it might be time to replace it. But once you replace it, how long can you reasonably expect your new carpet to last? How often should you plan to  replace carpet? And what can you do to make your carpet last even longer? 

Don’t worry, we’re here to answer those questions and help you decide if your carpet needs a makeover. 

How Long Should Carpet Last?

While opinions can vary on this subject (and pets or kids or a wayward glass of wine might have a say in the matter), the industry standard says carpet should be replaced every 10 to 15 years. Standard carpet manufacturers’ warranties are designed with this life expectancy in mind, and with proper care, your carpeting can last to the upper end of that timeframe— and look good for its age too!

Of course, quality matters when it comes to long-lasting carpet. Plum’s carpet is ultra-thick, virtually stain-proof and comes with an impressively durable carpet pad. While some carpets can’t stand up to typical wear and tear for long, our carpet is ready to last and live life with you— even if that means a few muddy pawprints and spilled drinks.  

Signs You Should Replace Your Carpet

Whether you’re hitting your ten year anniversary with carpet you bought or you just moved into a house that already had carpet, you might be on the lookout for signs your carpet needs replacing. 

Keep an eye out for: 

  • Matted fiber 
  • Soiling (discolored parts of the carpet or old stains that keep reappearing)
  • Loss of color vibrancy (like sun-faded spots in certain rooms)
  • Worn-out spots (common in high-traffic areas)

If you’re seeing any of these indications of wear- and the carpet is around ten or more years old- your home is ready for a carpet facelift.

How to Make Carpet Last

If you just installed new carpet or have carpet that’s still in good shape, there are a few things you can do to keep your carpets looking brand-new for as long as possible: 

  • Vacuum regularly. As in, twice a week, three times a week in high-traffic areas and daily if you have pets. (It sounds like a lot, but if you pop in earbuds and turn on some pump-up music, vacuuming can go from a chore to a private dance party.)
  • Keep carpets protected from extended exposure to direct sunlight. This can fade the color over time. (Just like how you wear shades on sunny days, your carpet needs shades too- closed window shades, that is.)
  • Schedule periodic professional cleanings. Typically, carpet warranties actually consider professional cleanings part of the “proper care” needed to keep the warranty. Read your carpet’s warranty for guidelines on how often you need to hire a pro. (Plum’s lifetime warranty, for example, asks for a pro cleaning every 18 months.)
  • Remove carpet stains promptly and thoroughly. It’s easier to remove fresh stains, so this is a no-brainer. The thorough part, though, often means fully removing any residue from the cleaning products you used. Even soap residue left on the carpet for too long can attract dirt and dust to the site of the stain, resulting in what carpet manufacturers call “soiling.”
  • Remove your shoes, but not necessarily your socks. It’s smart to take your shoes off when you get home (leave the germs and grime of the world at the door, please and thank you), but your bare feet have oils on them that can transfer to carpet fibers. A build-up of skin oils can lead guessed it: more soiling. 

The New Look of Buying Carpet

Once you know your carpet needs replacing, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the shopping process. Do you head to your local big-box store and debate the importance of stain resistance (hint: it’s important) as you flip through endless flooring samples? Or call one of those companies that sends the sample salesperson to your door at the most inconvenient times?

At Plum, we’re not just helping your home get a new carpet look, we’re giving the entire carpet buying experience a makeover. We offer instant, honest, competitive prices and a curated selection of only the  most popular carpet colors. And you’ll never have to decide between stain-resistant or whether to spring for the  high-quality foam carpet pad— it’s all included. Oh, and did we mention installation was included too? Your carpet will go from “before” to “after” in no time.

Try out our colors and see new carpet looks for your space using our  Flooring Visualizer.

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