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As the first and only fully online flooring provider with a nationwide network of professional, local installers, we designed our entire business model to revolve around what’s best for our customers.

We stripped away all the unnecessary layers - stacked-up fee structures, unnecessary markups, storefront overhead, marketing fluff - to bring you beautiful, timeless carpeting that fits your life. Guaranteed.

Pick your color

When it comes to our Color-Infused carpet that is soft, durable, and twice as plush as typical carpet, feeling is believing. We want you to get your feet on our carpet, which is why our samples are always free.

This is also your moment to see your top-choice colors in your own home, against your furniture and wall colors. As you will see, each of our nature-inspired neutrals have been color-tested to guarantee they will coordinate with any color scheme in your home. That’s why we call them regret-proof. Only great choices at Plum.

If LVP is what you’re looking for, we carry quality, foam-backed planks as well. They are waterproof and virtually scratch-proof, making them a great option for any room in your home.

If you’re not sure where to start with color, select our Most Popular Samples Pack. It comes with four of our top-selling carpet or LVP colors. Or you can view our full assortment, and when a color speaks to you, add the sample to your cart. All carpet sample orders come with a piece of our solid-core pad. It’s made from new foam with a strong moisture barrier to protect your carpet and floor, and it’s part of the reason our carpet gives such a soft and springy step.

Once you order the samples, you should expect them to arrive in your mailbox about three days later.

Select your rooms

You’ve loved on your samples; you’ve selected your color. . . you’re ready to order online. This is where the process gets super simple. Instead of measuring every oddly shaped room and stairstep, you just select which rooms you want your new flooring in, and you’ll be shown the price. In other words, you buy flooring by the room, not the square foot.

Because we’ve done this a million times all over the country, we’ve been able to determine an accurate size range for each type of room, and our pro installers will arrive with the right amount of material to flawlessly transform your home. If you’re wondering how we can price every living room and bedroom the same, regardless of whether it’s a palace or a loft, think of it this way – you pay the same price for a t-shirt, no matter what size you buy. Flooring is a bit like that too. The bulk of the cost is in getting all of the right materials to the best installers and getting those installers out to your home. A few square feet in one direction or the other doesn’t ruffle our feathers.

Choose your installation date

You love our Porcelain color carpet and are ready to recarpet your living room with it. You click on the Porcelain carpet circle and arrive on the product page. You add “living room” to your cart, and it’s time to check out. After you enter your address, and click “continue to confirmation”, you will have the option to select your installation date. If you aren’t ready, you can skip this step, and we’ll give you call to schedule.

Once you are scheduled, you’ll hear from us several times over the phone, by email, and by text. We won’t let you forget when we’re coming and what you need to do to get ready. We don’t mean to nag. We just want your installation to go without a hitch. Not even a hiccup.

For your part, you’ll move the small items out of the room. We’ll move the furniture, but in order for us to be able to do that, you’ll need to clear the surfaces and floor spaces, detach and store all wiring from your electronics, remove bed linens, and move the few items not included in our moving service (pianos, grandfather clocks, mechanical beds, fish tanks).

The flooring technicians (typically a team of two) will arrive between 8am and 11am on your installation date. They will move the furniture out of the way and replace it and clean up before they leave.

Then it’s just you and your new flooring. You, ready to luxuriate in your soft, plush Plum carpet. And your carpet, ready to take on whatever life throws at it.

Our Seamless Guarantee

All of our flooring products and installation are guaranteed for life with a lifetime warranty backed by us. If there’s a problem, we take care of it.

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