A floor is more than just a surface, it’s the foundation of your home. It’s where sleepovers happen and babies take their first steps. Where you host friends and family. It’s what greets your feet first thing in the morning and what your dog runs across to welcome you at the end of the day. The carpet choice you make, the quality you select, and the care with which it’s installed sets the tone for a specific room or an entire home, defining purpose, décor and mood.

You want high-quality flooring you feel good about. Customers tell us this means getting an exceptional product at a fair price along with a buying experience that is as straightforward, transparent, and easy as possible. With this customer-centric directive, we created Plum.

We talked to customers. Hundreds of them. We listened to what they love and what they hate about shopping for flooring. We mined our customer service call transcripts, our chats and our texts, and we learned where the customer was frustrated or disappointed, and we figured out how to solve their pain points.

A customer-centric approach hasn’t existed in the flooring industry. The buying process has intentionally been made overly complicated and confusing. Overwhelming and misdirecting customers allows vendors and manufacturers to control the process, protect their interests, and hang on to their profits.

We knew there was a better way – a way that would put the customer’s experience front and center and inspire confidence instead of deteriorating it. The Plum Way. Plum was born out of a desire to offer better advice, better products, and better service – all designed to deliver complete and total flooring satisfaction. We wanted to create the perfect carpet, the most intuitive selection process, and the best team of the most qualified installation professionals – all to help you get the best flooring into your home with as little hassle and as much delight as possible.

Your time is valuable, and we respect that. Immensely. You want beautiful floors and the confidence that you made the absolute best choice for your family, your home, and your budget. We’re here for you, and we’re on your side from inspiration to installation and beyond.

We started with the product.

Satisfaction begins and ends with the product you want or need, so that’s where we started. We tapped into our team’s deep and extensive industry expertise, conducted exhaustive analysis on all types and variations of carpet, and arrived at the perfect carpet for every floor. We all want soft carpet that is also durable, long-lasting, and stain resistant. And that’s what we made.

Our proprietary, high-quality carpet line comes in different plush levels and trend-forward, regret-proof colors to coordinate with any décor. Our carpets are made with Color-Infused Fiber, which provides vibrant color that will never fade, soil or stain. Our carpets are designed for maximum comfort and durability for any room. We also created a water-resistant, Solid-Core cushion for underneath, so it won’t break apart or trap spills like the standard pieced-together pads do.

In other words, we developed the perfect carpet so you can skip the run-around and get straight to the good stuff – enjoying it in your home. Recognizing that many of our customers wanted carpet and a hard surface option, we even developed a line of durable Color-Infused luxury vinyl planks that is far superior to other flimsy wood-look products.

We transformed the shopping experience.

There’s virtually nothing you can’t purchase online, and flooring should be no different. Plum is the only 100% online shopping experience for new flooring. The traditional carpet shopping experience is frustrating and confusing, with lots of time spent going from store to store to try to figure out what you need, what it feels like, and how much it will cost. In addition to that hassle, retailers insist on sending their salespeople to your home to conduct a home evaluation and to measure, turning what should be a simple process into an exhausting, high-pressure and invasive one. We’re on a mission to give you back your time, your privacy and give you extra confidence in your decision.

To do this, we’ve designed a process that is 100% online and allows you to buy flooring by the room. No need to measure – just tell us how many rooms you want new flooring in, and we give you an all-inclusive price. And the more rooms you buy, the more you save. We like to keep it simple and pressure-free.

We built the first fully digital product selection, by the room pricing, order placement, and installation scheduling process in the industry. We also have an easy-to-reach team of customer service representatives ready to answer any questions or provide guidance.

We built the best communication, workflow, and local professional floor technician team to get the job done.

Once your order is placed, we make sure that your carpet is installed on time and with quality. We provide you with clear expectations about scope, timing, process, and anything related to your project. We don’t just show up and install like a construction site. We communicate with you about when our floor technicians are coming, how to prepare your home, and what to expect on installation day. We promise to show up on time, do quality work, and never hit you with hidden fees or surprises.

Our floor technicians are certified local members of your community and therefore are passionate about ensuring your project goes smoothly. Supporting Plum is supporting your local community.

We raised the bar on guarantees and warranties to prove our commitment.

We don’t just sell flooring and then wash our hands. We’re with you all the way, from installation to a lifetime warranty backed by us, not a flimsy manufacturer warranty. If an issue comes up, we take care of it in-house – no exceptions. We understand that getting new carpet can be disruptive to your home and family, so we do all the hard work to make your experience easy and to ensure you only have to do it once.

Your foundation is our bottom line.

Your floor is your home’s foundation, and you deserve a product and service built around you and your needs. Getting new carpet is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be a big hassle. We’ve done the heavy lifting – engineering the product, the workflow, and the service model – to allow you to buy high-quality carpet and our line of luxury vinyl planks with confidence and complete satisfaction.

Pick a color, and we’ll put it in and stand by it for life. That’s the story. The only thing left for you to do is love it.

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