Plums to plum comparison

How our carpet stacks up

Satisfaction begins and ends with the product you desire, so that’s where we started. We tapped into our team’s deep and extensive industry expertise, conducted exhaustive analysis on all types and variations of carpet, and arrived at the perfect carpet for every floor. We all want soft carpet that is also durable, long-lasting, and stain resistant. And that’s what we made.

Carpet Product Science

Carpet has a bell curve for maintaining integrity based on the product’s ounce weight. Traditional flooring retailers demand thicker carpet products to upsell customers, but if thickness is not balanced with other factors (density, denier, etc.) its performance is actually lowered.

When we say we developed the perfect carpet experience, we mean more than just superior construction. Plum has a balanced offering that combines the optimal product construction, optimal underlayment (solid-core pad), and optimal installation method (integrated power-stretching). All three factors need to come together to create soft, durable carpet to last a lifetime. We’ve perfected this trifecta, which is why we can back our product and installation with a lifetime guarantee.

Optimal Carpet Construction


Let’s take it down to a level of greater detail: the individual filaments that compose the carpet fibers. In the textile world, there’s a unit of measurement known as a denier number, and it refers to the thickness of the individual threads or filaments in a given material. A lower denier number denotes a finer material, and therefore an overall softer product (like the inverse of thread-counts for sheets). An average denier number for carpets ranges from 20-24, so it stands to reason that a lower number would yield an overall softer carpet, while a higher number would give you a carpet that’s relatively less soft. But while a lower denier makes the carpet soft, it also makes it less durable, because the individual threads aren’t as thick. Softness needs to be balanced with durability.

Plum carpet has a low to mid-range denier, which, along with its thick pad and high ounce weight (see below), creates an incredibly soft yet very durable carpet.

Ounce weight

One common measure of how plush a carpet feels is based on its ounce weight. Carpet ounce weight is the weight of one square yard of carpeting. A high ounce weight carpet feels thicker and softer than a low-ounce weight carpet.

When a carpet has a high ounce weight combined with low denier, it means you get the super fine, soft filaments, and there are A LOT of them. This combination helps to achieves both softness and durability to make a high-quality carpet. Our proprietary, high-quality carpet line is a 40oz carpet weight. For reference, the current carpet in your home is likely only 25oz.

Color dying

There are two different ways to dye carpet yarn: spray-on or color-infused. For spray-on carpet, the carpet is made in a gray state. When orders are placed, the colors are sprayed on. Because the color only exists on the outside of the fibers, the color is prone to wearing off. In color-infusion, the color is added to the fiber chips prior to being extruded into yarn. Because the color exists all the way through the yarn (color-infused), it does not fade or show wear.

A great way to conceptualize this is to think of fruit (we love fruit around here). An apple is red on the outside only (spray-on), which an orange is orange from the peel to the center (color-infused).

It is also important to note that a color that is infused is naturally and permanently stain-proof. This is because fiber has dye-sites. When a piece of fabric (made of fiber) gets “stained”, that simply means that something has penetrated through it and occupies a dye site. When a fiber is color-infused – every dye-site is occupied, and there is nowhere for the stain-color to attach to. Something can “stick” to the outside of the yarn, which is considered “soiling”, but it can be cleaned off (99% of the time).

Durability testing (spoiler: we aced it)

Plum carpets go through these three durability tests.

And being the over-achievers we are, we rank at the top of our class for durability (that’s an A+).

1. The Hexapod Drum Tester is a 12″ diameter-rotating drum that new carpet specimens are placed in for carpet wear testing. The samples are subjected to a metal ball with six attached polyurethane cleats or studs to simulate traffic.

2. The Vetterman Drum Tester is a 28.75″ diameter-rotating drum that carpet samples of similar pile height are placed into. A 16-pound ball with polyurethane studs tumbles inside the drum to simulate traffic and wear.

3. In the Foot Traffic method individuals walk a normal pace across specimens which have been arranged in a particular walking path. Foot traffic units are calculated either by photoelectric or handheld manual counting devices.

Optimal underlayment

Solid core pad

Our premium pad is made of solid-core foam, so it won’t break apart or trap spills like the standard pieced-together pads do. It is 1/2” thick, which creates a comfortable, springy step. It also has a moisture barrier to protect your carpet and subfloors from spills.

Optimal installation

Integrated power stretching

A power stretcher is a long tool that stretches from one side of the room to the other. It’s used to stretch carpet in large areas. The head is placed by the loose edge of the carpet and grips the carpet in order to pull it tight. A long pole is placed from the head to the opposite wall. A lever is then pumped by the arms, which creates pressure and stretches the carpet with greater force than a knee kicker is able to create. This method takes more time, skill, and effort than a “knee-kicker”, however, it ensures a perfect amount of tension on the carpet, which prevents wrinkling or bubbling from occurring.

Integrated power stretching

Carpet rolls are typically manufactured in a 12’ width. That means if your room size is larger, or if you have long hallways or are carpeting your entire home, you’ll have seams in various places. Plum carpets are designed to seam completely straight, cross-cover, and our color-infused yarn prevents coloration issues. Because of the thickness of our carpet, seams never show.

Bad Seam


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